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Bold Leadership.
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Bold Leadership.
Creating California's

California needs a comprehensive agenda for education success and economic growth. Gavin believes we must update the way we educate our kids, from early brain and language development, and continuing through college. He believes we must create a new job-training system that gives people relevant skills so they can thrive in the new global economy, and keep pushing forward to reform our state’s criminal justice system.

Building California's

Building infrastructure and housing for California’s future requires real leadership. Gavin believes we need to chart a path for better infrastructure, with a focus on future manufacturing, building up exports and other pillars of California’s success. As Lt. Governor, Gavin authored a statewide jobs plan, and as Mayor he initiated the strongest infrastructure plan in City history. Gavin’s leadership isn’t talk – it’s a record of accomplishment.

Defending California's

California’s values aren’t just a point of pride; they are the very fabric of the state’s history and our future. Gavin has boldly led the charge for major social change campaigns his whole life. Universal healthcare, gun safety, criminal justice reform, paid family leave, minimum wage, universal pre-K, and marriage rights for all. Gavin fought for what’s right – and won results that are making a real difference in people’s lives.

Campaign Updates
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